“Re-pensem la Reial Fàbrica”
From November 9th to May 1st

The Royal Factory is territory, is history, is art, is industry, is identity, is architecture, is heritage, is ceramics and is l’Alcora. The buildings that form the Factory have been silenced for decades, but now they have to be the voice that tells our history and our future.
This idea is where a final Year Project was born from: Revitalización de la Real Fábrica de loza y porcelana del Conde de Aranda en l’Alcora (Castelló) (Revitalisation of the Royal Earthenware and Porcelain Factory of the Count of Aranda in l’Alcora – Castelló). In this project, ceramics becomes language in order to return the spaces of the Factory to the hands and hearts of its people.
  • “Re-pensem la Reial Fàbrica”
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