The Royal Factory. Heritage and Comnunitary Education
Coinciding with the acquisition of the rooms that occupy The Royal Factory of faience and porcelain of the Aranda's Comte, in May of 2017, five educational centres of the locality induct a project of educational innovation under the title “The Royal Factory at the 2027: Let's recover our heritage, add skillsand subdtract inequalities”.
Through the theoretic bases of the project the Educational Community enacts his desire to convert  at spokesperson and guardian of the process of recovery of the Real Factory; guarding the continuity of his recovery further of the political times and participant at the decision on the future uses of the installations: it Is essential to prioritise his reconversion as a future centre of innovation, artistic creativity and  citizen enjoy, where have fit everything type of cultural infrastructures of which now gets ill the locality”.
In May of 2018 and as a consequence of the impact of the implementation of the first project sums  a second proposal: “The Real Factory: 300 years of innovation, memory and territory”, a new project of educational innovation that collects at his theoretic base the impact at the territory and region of the foundation at 1727 of the factory of l'Alcora. Promoting that at the recovery of the room further  his paper as a  unifying force of the territory.
The first of the projects is constituted by five centres of l'Alcora: CEIP Grangel Mascarós, CEIP Aranda's Conde, CEIP Puértolas Pardo, CEIP La Salle, CFPA Tirant lo Blanc of l'Alcora, at them sums  the IES Ximén d'Urrea at the onset of course, continuums under Noel's  coordination Manzanares Juan, director of the CEIP Grangel Mascarós. The second project constitutes  of independent form to be able to present at the aids of investigation and educational innovation of the Valencian Generality that limits the grouping of educational centres at a number of 5, but maintains the same theoretic frame. This second group of work has stayed conformed by the centres: IES Ximén d'Urrea (l'Alcora) and the centres of the region CEIP Naram (Figueroles), CEIP Costur (Costur) and CEIP Countess of Llucena (Llucena) and is coordinated by Daniel Andrés Roig, Director of the Department of Geography and History of the IES Ximén d'Urrea.
As a external technician at the education regulated the coordination stays Teresa's charge Artero Gonell, Technician of Didactic of the Museum of Ceramics of the l'Alcora.

The Real Factory: 300 years of innovation, memory and territory(download PDF)

he Royal Factory at the 2027: Let's recover our heritage, add skillsand subdtract inequalities (download PDF)
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