Art with an object-memory

This activity is carried out with an object which is important for the students. The activity has two stages which take place the same day to teach students about figurative art and abstract art.

Two pieces per student and a collective work will come of this activity. As we have said, all the activity will revolve around a personal object from each student, so before coming to the workshop they must have expressed their feelings.

The objects must be made by fabric, wool, thread or sponge. Some examples of these objects are: bootees, bibs, sweaters, cloth toys…

They will use the object to work figurative art through photography and paper porcelain. And they will work abstract art through the reflection of the feelings they have when they see their object, in order to do this they will use modelling and dripping technique.

Finally, students will make a ceramic mural together on which they will reflect a song previously selected by them.

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