“Somos Artistas”
 The project “Somos Artistas” wants to approach the students to art in an interdisciplinary way: poetry, music, painting, visual arts, etc.
The Museum focuses on providing the space and the resources to relate music with art creation, with ceramics technology, with history and with current creative ceramics.
Each school can choose the decorations the students are going to use: geometrical motifs, a poem, a score, etc.

● To recognise the objects’ sound possibilities.
● To acquire knowledge about how musical instruments work.
● To develop creativity and self-esteem.
● To improve psychomotor abilities.
● To develop spatial thinking.
● To acquire knowledge about the use and application of ceramic materials.

This project began in cooperation with the CEIP Grangel Mascarós School. Later, we adapted the project to CEIP Comte d’Aranda and La Salle Schools in l’Alcora, CEIP San Pedro in València and other groups.


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