Ceramic Mural

Guided visit (optional) (60 min)

Visit to all the ceramic murals that decorate the centre of l’Alcora and/or visit to the Contemporary Ceramics collection in our Museum.

Students will see the different proposals and techniques used in every piece. The aim of the activity is to stimulate creativity in the workshop.

Introduction to the workshop (30 min)
Introduction to the topic of the chosen mural.
Techniques used to elaborate a large mural.
Division of labour and distribution of templates.

Workshop (90 min)
Demonstration of how to use templates.
Decoration with reliefs, texture…


The aim of the workshop is that the groups create their own design for the mural.
We work with stoneware therefore the mural can be placed indoors and outdoors.
The Museum will prepare the templates and divide the labour, so the chosen design must be sent to the Museum 2 months before the activity.

The finished mural will be delivered in 3 months.

Mural "l'esforç i la superació". CEIP Grangel Mascarós (l'Alcora)
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