Decoration of ceramics in the style of l’Alcora
Guided visit (30 min)

Visit to the collection “Earthenware and porcelain from the Count of Aranda’s Royal Factory”.

In the 18th century, l’Alcora produced one of the most famous ceramics in Europe; its success was thanks to the good quality of the raw materials used and to the technical and artistic knowledge of the masters and employees. The Museum keeps and exhibits a complete collection of pieces that show the different decorative patterns which succeeded during that century.

Introduction to the workshop (20 min)
Demonstration of a ceramist
From the original draft we will follow all the steps to decorate a piece with metal oxides. The techniques we will use are the same as the 18th century techniques, this is the reason why we insist on teaching the specific vocabulary related to the tools: stencil, punch, paintbrush…

Workshop (60 min)
Demonstration and test with paintbrushes:
Individual work:
● Election of the motif.
● Stencil over a tile (20 x 20)
● Painting of the motif

Pieces will be delivered in 7 days.

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