Art with ceramics

Guided visit (30 min)

Contemporary Ceramics collection

Guided visit to the Contemporary Ceramics rooms in the Museum with the aim of observing and analysing the different decorative, modelling and firing techniques of contemporary ceramics.
The features of the clay and its possible combinations make this material ideal for artists to develop their expressiveness and creativity.

Introduction to the workshop (25 min)
Demonstration of a ceramist

A ceramist will show us the possible shapes and figures we can create from a cylindrical piece: landscapes, clowns, animals, buildings, textures... will appear in front of us.
We will also learn how to use different tools which will help us to create the pieces.

Workshop (60 min)
Individual work with a cylinder

● Creativity: decoration of the piece.
● We have a lot of tools they can use but they can also bring their own tools (fabrics, papers, etc.).

Pieces will be delivered in 15 days.

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