Terra Sigillata. Roman pottery

Guided visit (60 min)
Santa Roman thermal baths (optional) or archaeology collection in the Museum
Visit to the Santa thermal baths, which have been recently restored. With this visit children will learn how thermal baths were organised and which the influence of the Romans in our area was. They will also see different pieces of terra sigillata which were found there.

Introduction to the workshop (25 min)

Elaboration of terra sigillata: preparation of the clay, stamps and sigillum, filling of the moulds, extraction, joining of the base and final decorations.

Workshop (60 min)

Individual work:
● Election of the mould. NEW: YOU CAN CREATE A ROMAN LAMP
● To fill the mould with a plastic sheet.
● To extract the piece.
● To mark with their personal sigillium (name, initials, year, etc.).
● Decoration of the piece.

Pieces will be delivered in 15 days.

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