From clay to ceramic

Guided visit (30 min)

Pottery collection

Potters. Pottery workshop. Clay. Clay preparation. Potter’s wheel (and its usefulness). Drying. Raw materials for glazing. Moorish kiln and firing. Commercialisation. Pottery pieces and its traditional usefulness. The use of plastic and the end of pottery. Demonstration of the potter’s wheel working.

Introduction to the workshop (20 min)

Traditional pottery knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation and thanks to that the profession has remained alive through the centuries.
Now it is our turn to spread this knowledge to new generations.
In this activity, children will learn about the extraction of clay from the mines and about how clay is transformed, mixed and modelled with the potter’s wheel.

Workshop (60 min)

Demonstration of modelling with a potter’s wheel.
Individual work:
● Creation of a piece with a potter’s wheel.
● Decoration of the piece.

Pieces will be delivered in 15 days.

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