Today we are going to be the first ceramists in history
Guided visit (30 min)

Archaeology and pottery collections

Learning about the first ceramics: differentiation between a slow potter’s wheel and a fast one, composition and preparation of the ceramic paste, and purpose of the pieces.

Introduction to the Workshop (15 min)
Video Hoy seremos los primeros ceramistas de la historia (Today we are going to be the first ceramists in history)

Ceramics was one of the first materials to be created in history and thanks to its features it has become an essential material for humans. Children will learn about the shape of the first ceramics, their decorations and what they were used for.
7,000 years ago humans who lived in the Iberian Peninsula changed from being nomadic hunters and gatherers to be sedentary farmers. Ceramics contributed to this change and it is still important in our lives, in fact it is even important in the recent technological revolution.

Workshop (60 min)
There will be a brief explanation and demonstration of the modelling process using coils.
Individual work:
● Creation of a piece using the coil technique (bowl of 12 cm of diameter, approx.). NOW YOU CAN CREATE AN UDU
● Decoration of the piece: Cardium decoration, incised decoration…
● Introduction to the burnishing of ceramic surfaces technique using a dry piece.

Pieces will be delivered in 15 days

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