Introduction to ceramics

This activity is intended for children or groups that have never been in contact with ceramics.
The participants will discover what ceramics is and which properties it has, which ingredients the paste is formed with, how the paste hardens with the drying and how it becomes ceramic with the fire.
They will also learn about the transformation, behaviour and characteristics of ceramics, furthermore they will learn new adjectives which are the ones that we use when we talk about ceramics.

Introduction to the workshop (30 min)
¿Where is the ceramic?
Visit of the Museum: glass cases, computers, floors, walls…

Workshop (90 min)
Ingredients of the ceramic paste: handling and preparation of the clay and water.
Characteristics of the wet ceramic paste: learn the paste properties and what plasticity is.
Characteristics of ceramics: learn the ceramics properties after the firing: hardness and fragility.
Modelling of a piece freely or with moulds

Pieces will be delivered in 15 days

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