Contemporary Ceramics

Visit to Art Antic: factory of art and ceramic crafts

Here students will see the relationship between art and ceramic industry.
In this part of the activity we want to show the students the relationship between art and ceramic industry. They will see how contemporary ceramics (the single craft piece) together with industrial pieces create unique and exclusive spaces.
The new knowledge about artistic ceramics they have acquired will help them to understand that there exists a ceramic industry that differs from the traditional ceramic crafts (cups, plates, pitchers…) and the famous tile factories.
Salvador Negre, ceramist and designer of the company ARTANTIC will show us how they imagine the pieces and how do they produce them. We will visit the facilities of the factory: from the idea to the sketch, and from the sketch to the production process.

Museu de Ceràmica de l’Alcora:
Visit to the permanent exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics.
The visit to the Contemporary Ceramics exhibition will let students know the ceramics creative trends in the 5 continents.
Through the visit, students will observe the different techniques that are used to decorate and shape the pieces.
Ceramists create pieces using different methods so, children will have to consider: how has this piece been modelled? Sheet, potter’s wheel, moulds, etc.
The colour, design and texture are the result of different types of firing, materials and firing atmosphere. The students will ask the following question: how would you do it? Fabrics, raku, pit-firing, reduction or oxidation firing, paintbrush, glaze, oxide…
Little by little and with the help of a ceramist they will discover the secrets of every technique by which it is possible to create art with clay.

Museu de Ceràmica de l’Alcora:
Arte en Cerámica (workshop).
After learning the different techniques by which pieces can be produced and decorated, children will participate in a workshop. We will analyse every sketch they make, so we can advise them which technique and clay must be used when creating their pieces.
Children will have at their disposal specialised instructors and tools to work with clay and to shape it. Students will make textures, decorations and changes adding or removing clay from their pieces.
The final work of art will be delivered in 15 days.

Ceramic performances.
To finish the approach to contemporary ceramics, we want students to know that there is art in the world of ceramics. Students will interact with the artist, the material and the public which form the current artistic avant-garde in every discipline.
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