Asociación de Amigos del Museo de Cerámica de l’Alcora (AMCA)

One of the objectives of the Asociación de Amigos del Museo de Cerámica de l’Alcora (AMCA) is to raise money to collaborate with the Museum, increasing the number of pieces of its collections. Since its foundation in 1997, this association has purchased more than 100 pieces which have been donated or transferred to our Museum.

Which activities does AMCA carry out?

It increases the Museum’s collections purchasing pieces, and donating or transferring funds.
It promotes learning about the Museum and its collections through the organisation of courses, conferences and seminaries.
It contributes to editing informative and scientific publications about our collections and exhibitions.
It develops cultural and social activities for its members.

Which are the advantages of being a member?

-Certificate of membership of the AMCA.
-Certificate of membership of the Federación Española de Amigos de los Museos (FEAM).
-Discounts on tickets for museums, restaurants, bookshops, hotels, exhibitions, etc.
Check in the webpage the advantages of being a member.
-Discounts on the Museo de Cerámica shop.
-Free guided visits to the Museum (25 people maximum per group).
-Participation in cultural and social activities organised for members: conferences, courses, exhibitions, etc.
-Regular information about activities and publications related with the Museo de Cerámica de l’Alcora.

AMCA membership

Everybody is welcome to the association. The membership fees are:
€ 35 per year for being an Associate Member.
€ 250 per year for being a Protector Member.
If you are interested in being a member of the association you can fill in the form you will find below and send it to AMCA (C/Tejedores, 5, 12110 – l’Alcora) or by mail:

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