Results of the 34 Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l'Alcora
This is the first time that all three prizes were won by Spanish ceramists
The thirty-fourth edition of Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora – CICA2014 has the Honour Roll. As a novelty, this is the first time all awards are to Spanish potters since the competition became international (1999).
First prize, sponsored by the Town Council of l’Alcora (7,000 €): "Psique vegetal", of lberto Bustos.
Second prize, sponsored by the Provincial Council of Castellón (4.000 €): "La buena fortuna", of Peephole-Art (Iris Alemany and Laura Agreda).
Third prize, sponsored by General D.Federico Michavila (2.800 €): "Ceramic material" of Juan Carlos Iñesta and Vicente Ajenjo.

The jury also awarded an Honourable Mention to the work "Espejismo II", of Myriam Jiménez Huertas.

The jury was chaired by Mr.Marcial Ros, City Councilman responbile of Culture, and was composed of:
Lourdes Riera, ceramist, winner of the 1st Prize at the 33 Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora – CICA2013
Yukiko Kitahara, Japanese ceramist, winner of the 2nd prize at the 32 Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora - CICA2012
Lidón Mor Garcés, ceramist from l’Alcora
Lola Gracia Martí, Professor, Department of Art Fundamentals of l’Alcora Superior School of Ceramics
And Ladislau Fuentes, head of Pictograma Art Gallery, from Castellón .

The opening and award ceremony will take place at the Museu de Ceràmica de l’Alcora, on Friday June 27th at 20:00 h. The exhibition will be open until 14 September.

Following the closure of the exhibition, we will know the winning of the Public Prize (2.800 €) sponsored by Caja Rural de l' Alcora and awarded by popular vote by the visitors from exhibition

  • "Psique vegetal" (Alberto Bustos). 1st Prize
  • "Psique vegetal" (Alberto Bustos). 1st Prize
  • "La buena fortuna" (Peephole-Art). 2nd Prize
  • "La buena fortuna" (Peephole-Art). 2nd Prize
  • "Ceramic material" (Iñesta&Ajenjo). 3r Prize
  • "Ceramic material" (Iñesta&Ajenjo). 3r Prize
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